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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Homely Yummies is an online home cooked food delivery platform which provides food from a variety of home kitchens . 
We offer two choices of payment which are: 

Cash on Delivery
Online secure transfer
Master Card/ Visa as well

We provide a refund as soon as the case is confirmed through contacting our customer service. Also, we provide an instant direct transfer on confirmation . 
Frequent checks with the kicthens are done at the various homes from the handling of the food to the packaging all the way to point of delivery and on TOP of that our food is MSG free . 

Homely Yummies are in the process of working towards obtaining it's Halal certification. This is an ongoing and new process for obtaining this certification as Homely Yummies is a brand new concept where all meals are cooked from the home kitchen, and we promote the home kitchen as an online restaurant. Due to this, Homely Yummies will take some time to obtain this certification. However, for the satisfaction of all our customers in this multi racial society, Homely Yummies guarantee the following:

  • Homely Yummies guarantee all foods are pork free. Totally (no pork oil, margarine, essence, etc)
  • All our products are bought from Halal suppliers (market fresh) 
  • All our cooks use SEPARATE utensils n pans for Homely Yummies food preparation.
  • Homely Yummies have personally checked and viewed the cleanliness and the authenticity of separate utensils used for the food making of all our cooks and their kitchens.
  • All our home cooks have obtained the necessary medical jabs, and food handling course certifications to be able to make, and sell food legally.
  • Homely Yummies are in the process of creating concepts of 'external kitchens' within the homes of all our cooks to separate the 'kitchens' and all utensils - one of the needs required to satisfy the Halal certification
  • Homely Yummies guarantee all ingredients are Halal based, and raw foods & condiments are purchased from Halal suppliers.

Homely Yummies will not want to mislead any of our customers in any manner in regards to Halal certification. Therefore we claim that we are not as yet Halal certified due to logistical and manpower clauses (which Homely Yummies are working on to satisfy). However we guarantee that the suppliers to the cooks are Halal, its ingredients purchased over and counter is Halal, and 100% pork free. Homely Yummies have had many Muslim customers, and currently have the support of corporate customers who understand the intricacy and difficulty of obtaining this Halal certification for a new business concept such as this. We like to thank all our understanding customers who trust and believe in this Homely Yummies concept. Homely Yummies hope to sort out the Halal certification and its needs by the end of 2019.

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IF the FAQ section did not help you find an answer. Feel free to contact our customer service. Homely Yummies promises to provide the best customer service by replying to customer queries with a day at most.

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