About Us


Homely Yummies is a social enterprise created by E & R as a platform to encourage, enrich and provide a living for the great home cooks in our country. With a passion to enrich the good people of our society, Homlely Yummies was created to enable home makers/home cooks to make an income from home, whilst providing nourishing, traditional, and hearty home cooked food,with the unpayable touch of tender loving care. In conjunction with the new efforts of the country, Homely Yummies has created a social enterprise that benefits both,the home cooks – and the purchasing society, whilst doing a triple effect by setting up the Bhojana Project – feeding of the homeless/poor by the support of the society, and the home cooks   Being the pioneer social enterprise of such concept, Homely Yummies have engaged with more than 10 home makers, and have tried, tested,sold, and now are promoting these home cooked kitchens. Homely Yummies has created this website, to enable these home cooks, to run their own restaurant – right from home! This empowers, enriches and builds the society – from home. To top it off, all raw food is guaranteed purchased daily, cleaned well, and cooked awesomely with love from the home. This is a quality that cannot be found outside of the home.

People of the society can help this social enterprise by purchasing home cooked food on this website. Homely Yummies are also CSR friendly – running the Bhojana concept totally on CSR outreaches. Homely Yummies welcomes all corporate CSR engagement for the benefit of all. Homely Yummies has created a Corporate Kitchen for the sole purpose of providing food for corporate and bulk orders – under a discounted price.



To be an efficient and productive social enterprise that enriches the HY platform, the cooks, nourishes and satisfies the buyers, whilst feeding the helpless, homeless, and poor.


To be a sustainable and reliable platform to the society for home cooked food delivery – both for the cook and the customer.


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